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Strivee is trusted by many professional Box owners and coaches worldwide.

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If Strivee helps you get one additional athlete or saves you 20 min a week, it’s
a great investment for your Box!

Engage your Community

Your athletes connect and encourage each other through fist bumps and comments.
On average, athletes engage with your Box 4 times per day!

Effortlessly measure and track Athlete Data

You get easy-to-understand and precise analysis. Take a look at the progress, performance, and participation of your athletes.

Simple Program Management

Your programming process has never been that simpler. You can use our library of WODs, to save time and find inspiration. 


Save time and transform your WODs to fun games for your athletes, with interactive Leadeboard. This is fully customizable (Only the WOD or Leaderboard, full training, or even a mix of everything)

And many other features.

Automatic publication

Workouts are published automatically to your athletes’ mobile and on your Box’s TV.

Progress Tracking

Your athletes know where they are, what are there 1RM Deadlift or 70% Snatch. You know that too so you can propose a tailored coaching.

Whiteboard superpowers

It’s so simple for your athletes to know the workout and have fun by challenging their friends with the leaderboard.

Community Building

We make it easy to let your athletes connect and communicate each other. Keep a « familiy spirit » in your Box is easier than ever.

Flexible publishing time

Don’t want to let your athletes know they will run today? You can easily hide the WOD until a time you specify.

Team accounts

All plans allow you to manage programs with your team.
You are now able to scale your coaching business to new levels.

Reactive support

Our team is ready to answer quickly to any of your questions. You can contact us by email, phone or even the chat on the panel Admin.

Box Access

You choose to set your Box public, private, or visible but only accessible with a passcode.

Custom Box Branding

The logo and the colors of your Box are now on your athlete’s mobile phones.

Invest in your Coaching Business

You need to get only one additional athlete to make a great investment!
19€ per month
Max active athletes
Max Coaches
+ 10€ /month
49€ per month
Max active athletes
Max Coaches
+ 25€ /month
99€ per month
Max active athletes
Max Coaches
19€ per month

Basic feature, really good if you have juste small amount of clients

49€ per month

Basic feature, really good if you have juste small amount of clients

99€ per month

Basic feature, really good if you have juste small amount of clients

Max active athletes 15 75 Unlimited
Max Coaches Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
ASCEND Additional 10€ /month Additional 25€ /month