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1. Frequently Asked

What is Strivee?

As an athlete, Strivee allows you to clearly identify strengths and weaknesses. By recording scores, PRs and Benchmark, you improve by training smartly.

As a Coach/Owner you will help athletes connect with their Box by scheduling any WOD or recovery session in advance, this is all synchronized on the members’ phones. Coaches have access to a real-time analysis of their athlete’s performance, which allows them to get feedbacks on the Box proposed trainings.

On what device is the app handled?

Strivee is available in free downloads on every smartphones operating under iOS or Android.

Where can I download Strivee?

You can download the app on the App Store if you are on iOS (iPhone) and on the Google PlayStore if you are on Android.

How can I change the information related to my profile on the app?

To change your profile information, go on the Profile tab, then click on the “settings” icon at the top right. Then you will be able to change your profile with ease.

Is Strivee free?

Strivee is free. However, it possesses additional items within the Premium version for athletes who want a broader experience with more performance indicators

2. Strivee PREMIUM

What does the Premium version give access to?

With Strivee Premium, you get access to new features that will allows you to speed up your progress, understand all the brakes to your progress, compare your level with the worldwide community, on each movement and in each domain and train smarter. You’ll get access to these features:
- Detailed Analysis of your fitness level (Global, by domain and by movement)
- You have an insight or the worldwide community level for each movement and each Benchmark, so you can set your goals accordingly.

You’ll also get access to elements for crossfitters, such as:
- A Timer (AMRAP, FOR TIME, TABATA, etc…)
- A Ghost Mode
- Bodyweight WODs generator.

How do I subscribe to the Premium version?

- From the website, by using our secure payment system (more profitable): link
- Directly on the mobile app Strivee

3. Features athletes

How can I connect my Box to the App?

If Strivee is being used by your Box, you can connect your Box in the “Box” tab on the app.
You will be asked the name or code of the Box.

What if I change my Box?

If you change your Box, you just have to change it in the “Profile” tab, then click on the up right “Settings” button, and “Change your Box”.
You will be able to find your new Box by its name or its code and select it.

Where can I see the WOD of my Box?

Your Box’s WOD is available in the first tab named “WOD”. It appears daily, at the moment your Boxes chooses to show it.

How to add a personal WOD?

Go on the “Note” tab to create your custom WOD, personalized to your own criterias and WOD type.

Where can I find the WODs I have saved?

To find your WODs, go on “Profile” > then “Workouts” tab. All your WODs are saved here.

How to save my PRs and/or Benchmarks?

To save a PR or a Benchmark, click on the “PRs” tab, then choose your move, or Benchmark. Write down your result and save.

How can I see my evolution?

By writing down your PRs or your Benchmarks, you can track your progress thanks to a curve that shows the evolution.

Is it possible to know the percentages of my 1RM ?

Sure! By recording your 1RM you instantly get the percentages of it. The app calculates automatically 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, etc. of your score. Now, you just have to slide from right to left on the graph to see it.